Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy Tao Yoga and Tai-Chi Ch'uan

Ages 17 & Up

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Tao Yoga - Mind, Body, Spirit, Rejuvenation

Tao Yoga is a program combining:

Chinese Qigong/Ch’i-Kung - (pronounced “Chee-Gung”) Breath/Energy development.

Dao Yin - Exercises designed to open the energy pathways (meridians) of the body, increase flexibility, tonify the immune system.

Yik Gung Ging - Boddhidarma’s Muscle Change Classic- strengthening the bones, tendons, and internal organs.

Baat Duan Gum - Eight Pieces of Brocade-Chinese exercises designed to strengthen the internal organs and immune system.

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Tai-Chi - Taijiquan

Tai-Chi has been described as “Moving Meditation.” It is characterized by slow, smooth, flowing movements, and has been found to have wonderful health benefits, such as increasing mobility, flexibility, strengthening the immune system, improving focus, calming the mind, as well as being an effective Martial Art.

To learn more about this exclusive Program, please give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation personal appointment with one of our instructors/staff members.
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