Ten Tigers Kung-Fu Academy Age-Specific Programs

Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy offers programs for young children from ages 4 to 6, older children from ages 7 to 10, youth and teens from ages 11 to 16 and adults from ages 17 & up. Separating our classes by age level allows us to give our students the personal attention they need to become their best. We call this Age-Specific Training.

Get started on your exciting journey into the world of confidence, self-esteem, awesome fitness and unbeatable self defense by clicking on the program or age-group that interests you below.

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Rik Kellerman’s Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy is one of the only schools outside of Chinatown to teach authentic traditional Kung-Fu. Emphasis is on teaching the complete art, exactly as it has been handed down from generation to generation, teacher to student. Here we do a style called Siu Lum Hung Kuen. Siu Lum Hung Kuen is a Southern Chinese five animal system which traces its roots back to the Fukien Shaolin (Siu Lum in Cantonese) Temple. Its Forms are based upon the movements of the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane. Although this style is beautiful in appearance, its self-defense is quick, direct, and brutally effective.

At the Mo-Kwoon (training hall) students train in traditional forms, classical weaponry of ancient China, self-defense applications, sparring, San Da (Chinese kickboxing), Suht Gok (Chinese grappling and throwing), Southern Lion Dance, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation (Chi Kung), and Chinese culture. As you can see, Ten Tigers Kung Fu Academy is NOT your typical martial arts studio!

What do we mean by "Age-Specific" training?

While some schools group all children together, we understand that different maturity levels require different approaches to teaching. This is why we have created three separate programs, one for the youngest children, the next for slightly older children, and the third for our older youth and teens. We pride ourselves on making sure our classes are fun, exciting and relevant to each and every child, regardless of age or ability.

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